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Letters must be submitted by noon Friday, the week prior to publication, must be signed and be fewer than 900 words.

The full Letters Policy reads:

The Clark County Press welcomes letters to the editor from our readers, but does place certain restrictions on such correspondence.

Anyone who has an opinion that does not contain libel is welcome to send a letter for consideration to be published in the Clark County Press.


Each writer must submit his or her own letter. A letter cannot be submitted on behalf of another person. 

There is a limit of one letter per month per writer. Thank you notes will not be accepted as letters to the editor. We reserve the right to refuse any letter, and to edit all letters for reasons of clarity and brevity, and to correct grammar and punctuation.

Because of the potential volume of correspondence during an election season, letters endorsing candidates for elected office cannot be accepted. Letters promoting campaigns will also not be accepted.  Support for a political party or political candidate must be done through a paid advertisement.

We require that each letter include the name of the writer and an address, phone number, email address or other means of confirming his or her identity. Letters will not run unsigned.

Please note that the views expressed in the opinion  section do not necessarily represent those of the Clark County Press or News Publishing Company.

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